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You know it is definitely annoying answering the phone while you are in the middle of an important chore or activity and end up not knowing the person at the other end of the line. Most prank callers and stalkers would start annoying and disturbing you but in the long run, when left unaddressed, this dilemma could lead to something more serious. Anonymous callers could be threatening your security and safety not to mention invading your valuable privacy. In this section we have articles that have to do with doing a free reverse number lookup.Hopefully with this you can put an end to this annoyance once and for all.

Truth about Reverse Phone Number Lookup

This type of service allows you to do phone number search for free. You could simply track an unlisted or unknown phone number through different methods but there are two main options, do it for free or get a paid service for the data you are looking for. In most cases, you may utilize free sites such as Google or social networks such as Facebook to look for a phone number or a mysterious caller. However, the same sites and resources could simply be the exact tools which prank callers and stalkers could use against you. You make yourself vulnerable and open to threats and privacy invaders through putting your information in these sites especially your telephone or mobile digits.

Removing Your Number from Public Phone Directory Online

You have the choice to protect yourself from the stalkers and mysterious callers. One of the most widely used online portals for information is Google. This major search engine may contain your personal data especially the ones you share online. Google may not have public phone book listing however the information you share in the Internet could still be collated and used by others. You can remove your contact details from Google through going to their Google Phonebook Name Removal webpage (Discontinued). This will initially give you the chance to delete your personal contact details stored on Google and the Web in general.

Two Steps to Finding an Anonymous Phone Number

There are two major options you can find if you are urgently looking for a phone number or the owner of that particular digit. Here are two ways to successfully find the answer to your queries:

1. Free and Zero-Charge Methods

How is it possible? One of the most trusted and successful ways to do it is through accessing and using sites such as Google and other major search engines. Search engines have their own database and storage of information shared online. You could put in a particular unlisted number in the search field and you could potentially get hits about that specific number especially if it is listed online. Some of the information you get may include the full name and contact details of a person such as the corresponding phone number and address.

Another possible way of finding out about a mysterious caller is through using social networking sites. You can use the search apps and tools of sites such as Facebook. Remember that there are hundreds and millions of active users accessing these sites each and every day. You can track a phone number through other sources as well including MySpace and Twitter.

The most practical and surefire way of knowing and inquiring about an unknown number is through calling the number upfront. You can immediately explain to the person at the other end of the line your purpose in calling their number. Make sure you are prudent, polite and tactful in getting the information you need. In most cases, it could be a wrongly dialed number and all you need is a simple clarification to give you your peace of mind.

2. Paid and Premium Methods

You can choose methods free of charge so that you can get the information and data you are looking for about a particular number. There are however other ways including paid and premium services. Reverse cellular phone directory and service providers in the Internet could give you the data you need without hassle. There are varied paid membership fees to choose from. Generally, the registration and membership free for premium and paid reverse phone number sites and directory require you to pay between $30 and $60. The great news about these paid and premium sites is that they could provide free trial promotions to those who want to register. This way you can try out their services to learn if they could deliver what you are aiming for or not.

For extreme cases when you think that you are in dire need to know a particular number or if safety and security measures are a must, another option for you is to hire a private eye. Private investigators have their own resources and tools to get the basic and more intricate details needed. Private eyes also charge you with their services and the fees could vary from one private investigator to another. In most cases, private eyes are hired when you need more than just a face or a name behind the mysterious and anonymous caller. Just make sure that you are clear with the contract you entered into with the person you hired. Make sure they do not have hidden charges or that they could not overcharge you with the services they provide.

Phone number look up services are widely used and recommended especially in these times when everything could be easily accessed through mobile devices or the Internet. Phone number and reverse directory services are of utmost importance to make sure you are secure and safe from prank callers and stalkers. Your privacy is essential and doing a free reverse number lookup could safeguard your private details.


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