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1 starPhone Registry"Phone Registry has moved to the top of our review rankings for several reasons. For one thing Phone Registry has a very extensive research database. They have made several upgrades to not only their database but also their user interface. Also, they keep their database updated on a regular basis.

Additionally, their user interface is very fast as well is very accurate. In the reverse phone lookup industry it is very difficult to maintain an accurate research database, Phone Registry has been able to pull this off.

Also, if you also need to do a background check you will find that they have many tools at your disposal!

Phone Registry is definitely the best choice for all of your cell phone search needs

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2 buttonReverse Phone Detective"For years now PhoneDetective.com has been the leader in helping people find out who is behind those unknown cell phone or landline numbers. The team at Reverse Phone Detective has built up the most extensive database available. This is especially true when you compare it to other phone number lookup databases.

NOTE: it is good to note that Reverse Phone Detective has recently improved their user interface while at the same time improving an already impressive database. (Database updates are actually quite frequent)

It is also good to note that once inside the member’s area there are also other research tools that are available to you. You can even do background checks on the numbers and persons that you are researching. Additionally, if the information that you’re looking for is not in a digital format they have runners that could go to the court houses or other areas where records are kept and retrieve the information for you. Also for more serious cases they even will provide you access to private investigators as well!

So as you can see for the price and the service you get Reverse Phone Detective is good but Phone Registry is a bit better.
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3 buttonReverse Phone CheckReversePhoneCheck.com does have a small variety of research tools in their member’s area but its smaller reverse phone search database knocks it down a few notches in the ranking. So our money is still on Phone Registry for the best all around reverse cell phone lookup research tool.4.65Visit Site
4 buttonReal Phone LookupWhile Real Phone Lookup does feature a decent yet very very simplistic user interface we feel that the smaller database as well as having fewer research tools forces us to give it a lower rating. It will still do an adequate job with your reverse cell phone look ups, just not as good as our top choice Phone Registry.3.85Visit Site