A cell phone number reverse search can be used to expose the owner of any cell phone. People can no longer hide behind their cell phone. Almost any cell phone can be traced.
The only cell phones that cannot be traced are the prepaid over-the-counter cell phones. The type you can buy without giving out any information. However, if the person bought one of these with a credit card you may be able to find out who they are.
Perhaps you’re getting prank phone calls or a lot of hangups. We all know how aggravating these can be. By using a reverse number search you can expose the owner’s name, carrier, city and town and complete address. Plus depending on what service you use you may be able to find out a lot more information on your unknown caller.
Some reverse cell phone number search services will give you access to criminal records, court records, marriage and divorce records, financial information, job history, address history and more. You can really dig up a lot of dirt on someone with just your phone number.
And since all searches are confidential and discreet, the caller will never know you ran their number. As a bonus, once you are a member, you can asked have your information removed from the database. You may be shocked if you run your own name to find out how much information there is out there.
You can also use a reverse cell phone number search service to find out who your boyfriend or girlfriend has been calling. Write down the numbers in their recent call history from there cell phone, and run the numbers. You will have a list of everyone they have been talking to.
This service also works great for exposing telemarketers or those automated bots that constantly call your cell phone.